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The Euro Market Café Introduces Spatzle

Contemplating on whether or not to play it safe and eat in the tried and tested resto, it sure was a risk for our starving tummies to try a new one. I wandered upon the smoking area of the new wing of the Shang. Stepping out into the open air balcony was breathtaking and I was sure that my husband will enjoy a good meal in this smoker friendly balcony.

Looking in from where I stood in the smoking area, Spatze Euro Market Café looked so sparkly and cutting edge. There was no way to keep me from trying them out. I called it our French Dinner. Their serving is not working class friendly but if you are looking for something new in Manila, this is the place to go to.

All For The Ring

My cousin Jay wanted to join an exclusive group. At first, I thought that he was doing it for the perks, or even the camaraderie, but that did not seem to be the case. He really wanted to belong to the group despite their reputation because of the Masonic ring they wear. Jay just wanted to have one of his own.

I could not blame him since it was a sight to behold. However, he could easily buy masonic rings for himself online without joining the group. He did not have to go through any rigorous initiation just to have it. All he simply had to do was purchase one online. Now, both of us have one. It’s like we are a member of something, but really, we just bought it.

Riding the Rogue Road to Riches

Our country is currently shaken by a scandal which involves some of the biggest names in national politics. Note that they are not big because of their influence and smarts. They are big because of the reasons they are in office. No they were not bar topnotchers, kid geniuses or peace advocates. They were in fact, showbiz celebrities who are kids of showbiz celebrities.

The smarter voters or smarter part of the populace know that they are not worth the vote. If given the option, they would definitely pick those who would have something genuine and worthy to say and listen to. But sadly, a larger portion of the populace can be bought and so blinded by the promise of more food on their tables, more jobs to earn money from, and basically better access to a comfortable life, those less informed voted for these sleazy sons of showbiz.

Now they are being tied to a name that was never very popular with the public but is now being accused of creating the channel by which politicians could filter the public’s hard- earned through to their own pockets. From being a nobody, the woman accused was able to build her empire, send her kids to the most expensive schools, buy thirty luxury cars, three yachts, and some multimillion homes. But alas, the whistleblowers have had enough and would no longer have any part in this rogue road to riches.

Catalogs are important for a company’s success

My friend Van has a company specialized on nutrition and he had problems with the publicity, his company was great, had terrific services, but no one would acquire them, nor even knew the company even if they had a good image on the social networks, but since the people that majorly present on social networks are young people that don’t need these services of nutrition, things looked bad.

One day we went to a company to get some catalog prints, we believed that paper might be better for reaching the target audience, and guess what? After two days orders started to come to the company and the word started to spread and even the social networks met a boom.

Surprises Conventional Lemons Take Along

Lemons are always present in our kitchen pantry, we use it for lemonades and for garnishing we could always depend on lemons not to disagree with the flavor of foods. As our go to kitchen fruit staples almost anybody could afford to buy lemon. Do you know lemons are now used as beauty and health aid?

We had been drinking lemonades for a very long time now and this natural refreshing drink is cheap and easy to prepare. Lemons too are abundant and available all season that scarcity of supply won’t be a reason for us not to use lemon. Lemon water is recommended to release toxins from the colon and therefore relieve the liver and the kidney, aside from contributing Vitamin C a very good anti-oxidant.

Lemons are used as skin lightening especially on the very sensitive skins of our face. It could also lighten armpits, just be sure to follow to the T recommendations of how to effectively use it to maximize results. It also helps to remove callouses on the feet and hands, because of its skin softening effects.

Nagging for jewels will make a difference

My wife Sophia has been saying to me that I never gave her any jewels, obviously she was overreacting, but I understood the tip, she wanted a special gift, more than flowers and chocolates and trips to the snow, this year she wanted jewelry so I had to start looking for it.

This year my finances were worse than they were last year, so I had to be careful with what I would choose. I was lucky enough to find what I needed at at, very nice design and the best part of it, it is very affordable, I couldn’t wish for better than this. Sophia will be very happy that I could satisfy this wish of her.

The Greatest Achievement of All

My sister is big when it comes to her achievements. I remember when she was just in grade school she was so competitive that she is willing to challenge her friends just so she can get medals and trophies. Now that she is in college she barely joined any competition because she said that she is preparing for her biggest contest.

She is practicing her music skills so that she can win the grand price which is the latest and excellent Hercules DJ Consoles. She said that if she win this one she will consider it her biggest achievement and that she will treasure it as long as see lives. I hope that she does win this one because when she is happy, I’m happy.

An Inspiring Love Story

A couple of months ago, I saw a fantastic love story movie between the former presidents of my country with his first lady. He is a genius and has a big dream of making his own plane for his country. Although, he is not handsome, his wife is beautiful. Before becoming the vice president then president, he lives a poor life in the foreign country. The most heartwarming scene is when his wife stood by him on that life. She even gives up her dream to become a doctor.

I think that call for love sacrifice. She really supports her husband. Couples get divorced all the time, especially for politician, but his love for his wife is really eternal. Even when his wife got cancer, he insisted to take his wife to the best medical treatment on the foreign country. Although, the medical treatment didn’t help his wife and she died, but in the end he is still mourning the loss of his wife, maybe until today. He didn’t took a wife, and said that his wife is the only one in his heart.

My Favorite Series Scene

There is this new series called The Originals. It’s a story about the original vampires from another hit series which is the Vampire Diaries. One of my favorite scene is when one of the young witch met her old friend who have this 59 bassman ri at guitar center. The boy was playing a tune for the Divina and the girl is looking very happy and giggly.

It was my favorite scene because it’s a perfect picture of an innocent love. Although I really don’t like the character of the young witch Divina because I am pretty sure that she will do something bad but still I like that scene very much and I like the entire series as well.