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A Message from Old Friends

I am a bit skeptic every time an old friend tried to get in touch with me. It’s not that I am not happy, it just that sometimes most of them don’t actually get in touch to reminiscence the old times and really want to stay in touch to see how you are doing right now. Most of them get in touch and then after contacting several times, they offer some insurance products or anything they sell and then they expect you to buy it from them. I am tired of this kind of offer. And if I rejected their offer then they don’t contact you anymore.

That’s why I am a bit skeptic when there is one email from an old friend or a friend request on my social media because in the end, they just want to offer something with me hoping to buy it. No, thank you. I just can’t believe that our friendship only worth like that. The other day, there is one college friend and after emailing me twice, he eventually want to ask me some software program I am expert at. After I have given the answer, he stopped emailing me back. I don’t know why they do that. I am feeling like I am being used. I try really hard to see the good in people, but eventually they only let me down.

Learning Music for the First Time

The first music instrument I learnt when I was little was the organ. I wished I learned piano, because as I grew older I am more interested in the elegance way of the piano playing. At the time, my mother forced me to learn the organ. I don’t like playing the organ. But, one day my mother bought used organ from someone else and she asked me to learn from a teacher.

I hate it at first. But eventually, I started to like it. Although, it didn’t make me a musician, but at least I can play a couple of songs in it and I am proud to play it to my family. My other uncle is a musician, although as a hobby, he is really immersed when playing music. Maybe, I have talent from him. His kids all love music. My father is tone deaf, but my mother can sing beautifully. So, I guess my art talent also came from her.

Screen Capture Software: Is It Beneficial For Your Business?

Whether you own an online business or not, you realize that promotion is a very important aspect on which the survival of your business entirely depends. Since most of the businesses are creating online websites and blogs to generate an online presence and promote their business on the internet, it is necessary for you to do so as well. However, once you create an online website or blog, it will be your responsibility to make sure that you keep the website or blog updated. Along with that, you will have to produce stunning videos to ensure that your business stands out from the rest of the businesses.

Generating videos related to your business, products and services and then making sure that these go viral on the internet can perhaps be the best way to promote your business among your potential customers. The tool that can really help you create the most outstanding videos for your business promotion is screen capture software.

You can create videos with the help of the screen capture software on how to order stuffs from your online store or local store so that the customers do not get confused when they are purchasing things from your store. Along with that, make informative videos on the products and services your business has to offer because then the customers will be able to understand your business in a better way.

Usually, written terms and conditions related to your business will not be read by your customers. So if you can utilize screen capture software and create videos related to the terms and conditions then you will be able to engage the attention of your clients on those important details in a better way.

Videos that are generated by using software for screen capture are extremely fascinating and informative. So if you use these videos you can be assured of the fact that your business will get featured in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and so on.

A wise move on your part would be to use screen capture software to make videos associated with the contents and keywords that are utilized by clients to search for your products and services. In this way your overall marketing strategy will get the necessary boost.

Once you upload business and product related videos generated from software for screen capture, you will notice that your customer base will augment tremendously. Complaints and refunds related to your business will also be reduced due to the informative and reliable videos created by you.

If you sell software applications then screen capture software is perfect for your business because it will allow you to make demo and instruction videos for your clients in the best possible manner.

Looking for a competent and well-reputed software application for screen capture? If yes then download Movavi screen capture software as soon as possible. The interface of the software is extremely user-friendly and you can conveniently work with. You can visit: for more information on the Movavi screen capture software.

The New Zealand Life

This country is so beautiful and pristine you wonder why it has gone under the radar all these years. Kiwis who flies out to other countries still comes home to New Zealand when they are already starting a family. This just shows us why New Zealand is the best Home on Earth.

Easily enjoy fresh air, with a lot of untouched territories to which mother nature flourishes and humans count upon to maintain a healthy lifestyle. An environment that is not disease ridden wherein you can raise your children worry free.

The Government provides for your need like no other. With a wide range of public service and community living that is first class, what more can you ask for. The Public schools are one for the books because they want to hone their own.

This peaceful country is indeed a great place to live in. Exciting and Peaceful two extreme features anyone is looking for in a country.

The Euro Market Café Introduces Spatzle

Contemplating on whether or not to play it safe and eat in the tried and tested resto, it sure was a risk for our starving tummies to try a new one. I wandered upon the smoking area of the new wing of the Shang. Stepping out into the open air balcony was breathtaking and I was sure that my husband will enjoy a good meal in this smoker friendly balcony.

Looking in from where I stood in the smoking area, Spatze Euro Market Café looked so sparkly and cutting edge. There was no way to keep me from trying them out. I called it our French Dinner. Their serving is not working class friendly but if you are looking for something new in Manila, this is the place to go to.

Keeping Up With Deadlines

As a fresh grad, I’ve never had an idea how hectic the real world can be. Going to a real workplace with busy people everywhere is, indeed, overwhelming. I always thought that the people I see on TV going crazy over work-related stuff are just the irresponsible ones who choose to do their work at the last minute—I was dead wrong. I do everything as soon as the work is assigned to me but I still find myself yearning for more time to work on a project.

I vowed to myself that I will not be workaholic or become friendless once I start my career but it seems like this cannot be helped. Maybe because I’m still new—I’ve been working the company for 4 months—and still adjusting to this kind of lifestyle. There are some people in the office who look carefree and cheerful everyday—maybe eventually, I’ll grow into this new chapter and will be able to juggle everything at once without even a drop of sweat. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Anyway, time to get back to work!

A Piece of Crap

How can I possibly complete my work when I am using the most outdated and ancient computer there is? Sometimes I dread doing my weekly work because that means I need to face this piece of crap again.

Honestly I don’t really care whether I am using windows 99 or the newest version out in the market today. I don’t do complicated work to need an amazing machine, although that would be a great bonus. But since the only thing I do is write, send emails and browse the web simple desktop application is okay for me. I have an ancient monitor, the one with the bulky back, a single core processor. The machine sucks big time because it takes forever just to open Microsoft word application. How crappy is that, right? As much as I would love to buy a new set, I still need to save up for it as good ones are a bit expensive.

Just like today before I manage to start writing, it took me 3 restarts to finally make everything work normally. Sometimes I think it would cause me little headache if I just throw it out the window.

All For The Ring

My cousin Jay wanted to join an exclusive group. At first, I thought that he was doing it for the perks, or even the camaraderie, but that did not seem to be the case. He really wanted to belong to the group despite their reputation because of the Masonic ring they wear. Jay just wanted to have one of his own.

I could not blame him since it was a sight to behold. However, he could easily buy masonic rings for himself online without joining the group. He did not have to go through any rigorous initiation just to have it. All he simply had to do was purchase one online. Now, both of us have one. It’s like we are a member of something, but really, we just bought it.

Riding the Rogue Road to Riches

Our country is currently shaken by a scandal which involves some of the biggest names in national politics. Note that they are not big because of their influence and smarts. They are big because of the reasons they are in office. No they were not bar topnotchers, kid geniuses or peace advocates. They were in fact, showbiz celebrities who are kids of showbiz celebrities.

The smarter voters or smarter part of the populace know that they are not worth the vote. If given the option, they would definitely pick those who would have something genuine and worthy to say and listen to. But sadly, a larger portion of the populace can be bought and so blinded by the promise of more food on their tables, more jobs to earn money from, and basically better access to a comfortable life, those less informed voted for these sleazy sons of showbiz.

Now they are being tied to a name that was never very popular with the public but is now being accused of creating the channel by which politicians could filter the public’s hard- earned through to their own pockets. From being a nobody, the woman accused was able to build her empire, send her kids to the most expensive schools, buy thirty luxury cars, three yachts, and some multimillion homes. But alas, the whistleblowers have had enough and would no longer have any part in this rogue road to riches.